For companies that care about their investments in the photovoltaic system and energy efficiency.


For households that want an efficient system, to reduce consumption and make the best use of self-produced energy.


For installation companies, EPC, O+M, and those in energy sales who want to add value to their offerings to better assist plants and build customer loyalty.


For photovoltaic professionals who want to reduce the production time of documents and reports.
Always know the efficiency of the systems to create new value-added services.

Assistance and Maintenance Companies (O+M)

Free your time, invent services, make your customers happy.

  • With integrated intelligence, Sunreport creates reports that can be sent automatically and assist your photovoltaic systems.
    Do not waste time for your technicians to do calculations and create documents.

Installers and EPC

Add value to your offers and control the systems you build with an app, white label, and a true control platform.

  • With integrated intelligence, Sunreport creates relationships for you and your customers and assists all of your plants. Do not waste your time for your employees to create documents and respond to the needs of plant owners.
    Get it done by Sunreport automatically.

Sales Firms

Retain your customers through new services.

  • Energy assessments, reports on the operation of the systems, suggestions for electric cars, solar accumulators, and upgrades. Clear views of consumed energy produced and sold. Services your customers love.

Owners and Investors

Check the return on investment of photovoltaic systems.

  • Verifies production and operation. Maintains system efficiency. Optimizes use and self-consumption.

The cloud of
your solar

Sunreport is the only solution with all the flexibility you need to manage and maintain photovoltaic systems.


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